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The AHEC System in New York is comprised of nine (9) independent 501c3 centers strategically spread throughout the state and funded by federal (Health Resources and Services Administration) and state (Department of Health) sources. AHECs are health workforce development organizations


AHECs are health workforce development organizations

and focused on:

Workforce Pipeline

Clinical Training 

Continuing Education

Underserved Populations

AHECs focus on geographic and demographic areas of highest health needs (underserved populations), promoting career pathways for under-represented and disadvantaged individuals, and essential care for vulnerable populations, such as the impoverished, infants, and the elderly.


Numerous New York State Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) have partnered with the AHECs for these services.


have each developed various useful technologies and services for their partners in healthcare and education that are affordable and effective.

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