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HWNY provides tools and resources that support and promote clinical placements and health career training opportunities.


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Exxat Placement is a comprehensive, fully integrated tool that allows Schools, Students and Clinical Sites to manage all information related to Clinical Placements in a centralized cloud based system.

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HWNY is uniquely qualified to facilitate clinical placements because of its linkages to local healthcare resources and organizations.

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Exxat Clinical Placement

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Exxat, LLC was established in 2011 to serve the software development and support needs of academic institutions to optimize their placement processes. Exxat, LLC has served academic institutions with software tools to make their process more efficient, thereby allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality education. We leverage industry best practices to provide innovative IT solutions.

An Integrated Clinical Placement Software


The System is intuitive and easy to use. Based on the Role, it provides access to relevant information through graphical dashboards and readily available reports. The system sends automated reminders to the students and sites improving compliance. Also upon login, each user is able to see the list of Todo’s that need to be completed.


Provides all information required by the site in one central place. The sites does not need to worry about creating student files for all placed students. Students are able to provide Site Preferences by creating a Wishlist, search for Sites by setting and location and feel more involved and in control of their placements.


The workflow processes involves the creation and storage of large amounts of documentation to be retained and retrieved during and after the placement. Exxat Placement is designed to help the schools manage the process efficiently. The Tool sends automated reminders to student when their documents are due or have expired.  The system also helps Clinical Sites streamline the document review process by summarizing and analyzing all information in quick to access Dashboards.


All reports necessary to do the placement process are available in the system.  Information is powerful. The more information the Clinical Coordinators can have at their fingertips, the easier it is to make decisions. The System also provides tools to see and manage students who have not completed certain tasks by their deadline like: updating profiles, uploading student insurance documents, uploading PTSEs, entering information on CI and completing their wish list.


Students are able to search through all available slots and select their preferred choices. They can sort through sites based on their setting, location and Interview requirement status. It allows students to submit their preferred slots and rank them in the order of preference. This drastically improves student experience.

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Home Health Aides


Skin Care Specialist


Physical Therapist Aides


Top Healthcare Jobs

  1. Dentist
  2. Nurse Practitioner
  3. Pharmacists

Source: US News & Word Reports

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