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eLearning is said to increase learning retention rates by 25% to 60%.

ELearning has completely revolutionized the way people learn and teach. Education is no longer confined to take place within the walls of a classroom… because through eLearning, learners have the ability to access information and knowledge any place, any time. And why wouldn’t an organization want to offer eLearning courses? 

According to eLearning Industry, 77% of US Corporations used online learning in 2017. Not to mention, eLearning is said to increase learning retention rates by 25% to 60% (techjury.net).

Behind every successful eLearning course is the instructional design/designer. It is the critical job of instructional designers to create content relevant enough to keep the learners engaged and motivated.

 Organizations looking to incorporate eLearning courses into their training must choose credible companies with solid instructional design.

HWNY offers a multitude of services aiding in workforce development, some specifically for online learning.

How we Can Help

We take the time to get to know our partners, so that we can effectively unite their recruitment objectives with creative  solutions.


HWNY will work with you and Subject Matter Experts to design compelling learning experiences that are not only interesting, relevant, and easy to fit into the busy work life of the learner, but most importantly, lead to genuine knowledge transfer and deliver performance improvement results.

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