We help organizations use technology to
recruit, train, and retain a quality health workforce
in rural and underserved communities.


Growing a Local Health Workforce

We advance rural and underserved recruitment efforts by growing a local health workforce, coordinating immersive and hands-on experiences, and preparing future applicants for the workforce. 
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Recruiting Quality Talent​

We enhance your recruitment efforts with engaging career websites, online job applications, promotional videos, and vitutral tours. We also help you attract quality talent with Google's $10,000 Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Grant for non-profits.
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Training Your Workforce

We help partners train their workforce and develop quality talent with HWapp LMS, a mobile accessible Learning Management System, and 17 mandatory online in-service compliance trainings.
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Retaining Quality Talent

We work with organizations to measurably increase employee engagement and improve retention with HWapps Engage, a mobile app that helps employees achieve career goals, access on-the-job information, and connect with supervisors and leadership.
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We’re a nonprofit aiming to improve access to quality healthcare in rural and underserved communities by helping local healthcare organizations recruit, train, and retain their workforce.

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Impact Numbers



Students and adult career seekers introduced to health careers


High School Students

Mentored, guided, and supported as they pursue a health career


Post Secondary Students

Provided hands-on, experiential health professional training


Healthcare Providers

Across NYS have access to HWapps for employee development


Health Professionals

Become compliant with NYS mandatory training laws



Are hosted, tracked, and reported via HWapps


Health Professionals 

Have trained and advanced their  careers with HWapps


Online Training

Completions and certificates awarded though HWapps 

Success Stories

See how partners were achieve their goals with our products and services.

What partners say

"For the last 10 years it has become increasingly difficult to recruit medical professionals. I think the most exciting program we've been introduced to recently is the Rural Immersion Program."
- Rich Duval,
Carthage Area Hospital CEO

Workforce Insights


Virtual Learning: Re-emerged

Written by Kris Merchant and Christen Aldrich The impact of COVID-19 on our present situation has been described in abounding ways: disruptive, burdensome, never before

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