Welcome to the Le Moyne College PA Preceptor Video Toolkit
for students & Alumni


The Le Moyne College PA department is working in partnership with Health WorkForce New York (HWNY) to produce a video that highlights the important role preceptors have teaching and preparing PA students for future practice in rural and underserved communities.

Our goal 

The goal of the video is to inspire more providers in rural and underserved communities to become preceptors by sharing the importance, value, and rewards that come with teaching Le Moyne PA students.

How to participate

To participate in this project, we are asking that you video record yourself sharing a positive experience you had with a preceptor and then send the video files to HWNY, who will use sections of each participant’s responses to create one 4-5 minute video and numerous 30-60 second videos for social media. 

Here’s an example of a similar video we made for student recruitment >

Everyone will have the opportunity to review and approve content they are in before any video is finalized.  

Along with your video responses, we’re also asking that you share any pictures or videos that show your experiences related to each question. Where appropriate, these assets may be used as background footage to give the viewer visual context. 


In order to stay on schedule, we’re setting the deadline for uploading your videos for: Friday, July 22nd, 2022.

Let's Get Started

This toolkit is intended to guide you through the steps for video recording your answers and sharing the video files with HWNY.  It includes the following sections:

The Request

Video Instructions

Upload Instructions


The Request

Tell us about a positive experience you had a with a preceptor and describe the impact it had on you. 

Video Instructions 

Use your phone, laptop web-cam, or point-and-shoot camera to record.

If using your phone, you can prop it up or hold it in your hand while recording. If you do decide to hold it, try to be as steady as you can. You can also ask someone else to hold the camera and record you. 

If you have a smartphone, we recommend using that camera for the best quality and ease of sharing the video files.

It is best to record in private, closed areas to avoid extraneous sounds that may be distracting.

Beware of external sounds such as construction, pets, etc that could be heard in your video.

Make sure you are close to your camera so the microphone hears you better.

Avoid shaking your leg, tapping on things, etc that may be picked up in the audio.

Speak loudly and clearly, enunciate slightly more than you would talking face-to-face with someone.

Make sure your phone or other technology notifications are silenced or on vibrate. If using a phone to record, put on mute or Do Not Disturb since the vibration may be heard in the audio.

Set up the recording device such that your face is as level with it as possible. Avoid low or high angles if you can.

Before recording, do a quick test to make sure audio is being captured.

Choose a well-lit room to record in so we can see your faces properly. Natural light is best.

Avoid loud environments (This will be expanded upon in the next section).

Try to make sure nothing too distracting is in the video. This could be a shelf in the background with trinkets, a flickering lamp, or a running television in the background.

Wear whatever you’re comfortable in. You don’t need to be in a work coat or mask, but if you’d prefer it, that is acceptable as well.

You can have the questions printed out to refer to if you’d like. Try to refrain from holding them in your hand and looking at them while you answer the questions. 

Make sure the device you’re using to record your video is focused on you and not something else. If you’re using a video camera, it may be fixed with the auto-focus setting. 

Record each question separately to keep the video files small to avoid any large file upload issues when sending to HWNY. 

Answer the questions in any order you’re comfortable with. It is okay to read them aloud first and take a few moments to formulate an answer. We will be cutting and pasting clips, so don’t worry about using too many “ums” or long stretches of silence, we can edit those out.

When answering each question, try to be succinct and to the point. The longer the video, the more difficult it will be to send. It may be helpful to think about your answers before recording your video. That being said, it is okay to answer more than what the questions are asking. If you think of anything you feel is important to say, don’t hesitate to talk about it in the video.

Once you’re finished recording each question, go back and watch the video and make sure you can hear yourself through the whole clip.

Save your videos files and send them to HWNY via the instructions outlined in the “How to share your video files” section of this toolkit.  

Upload Instructions 

When you have finished recording your answers, please use the link below to send your responses to HWNY’s video production team. 


If you experience any problems with this process, please contact HWNY support and they will provide technical assistance or guide you through an alternative process. 

Help and Support

For support, please use the form below or call 800-516-9693 ext. 1  to speak to a member of our team and we’ll be happy to help assist.  

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