Are you doing enough to recruit candidates?

We’ve got the tools, services, and expertise to help you reach more people, inspire ideal candidates, nurture qualified applicants, and engage new hires. 

You need an effective
recruitment & retention funnel

Reach beyond those actively looking for a health career job and inspire ideal candidates to pursue your rewarding and fulling careers by using the right channels, messaging, attention grabbing designs, and data driven optimization. 

Connect more with the communities you serve by building email and SMS lists, getting more reviews,  and running campaigns to plant seeds for future benefits.

Stop new hires walking out in the first 90 days by breaking down the overwhelming onboarding process, providing mobile-accessible access to information, resources, and automating personalized check-ins with 2-way SMS/email communication.

Don’t let candidates slip through the cracks by staying out in front of your competition with automated personalized check-ins, updates, helpful information, and reminders. 

Basic Awareness

Build lists and launch campaigns to start engaging the communities you serve.
    • Reactivate email lists
    • Build new community audience email/SMS lists 
    • Run awareness campaigns via paid social media ads, organic social media posts, email, and SMS
    • Local high school outreach in partnership with AHEC
    • Health Workforce Collaborative Listing 

Reach & Inspire

Reach and inspire ideal candidates to pursue your jobs.

    • Optimized job description
    • Candidate profiles & lists
    • Campaign copy, messaging, and design
    • Social media paid ad & organic campaign management & optimization
    • Email & SMS campaigns
    • High converting career-specific landing page
    • Simplified interest form
    • Facebook pixel tracking


Nurture candidates so they don’t slip through the cracks.
    • Automated SMS/Email responses and follow-ups
    • SMS/Email interview scheduler 
    • Automated workflows for sharing information and check
    • 2-way SMS/email communication
    • Integrate with internal systems


Engage new hires though their first 90 to prevent dropouts.
    • Mobile accessible onboarding dashboard 
    • Automated SMS/Email check-ins
    • Onboarding schedule and checklist tracking  
    • Automated workflows for sharing information and releasing documents
    • 2-way SMS/email communication for managers, supervisors, and HR

More qualified candidates

Our targeted strategy and messaging helps attract and inspire ideal candidates.

High Return of Investment

Our campaigns are affordable, provide immediate impact, and can run for as long as you want.

Quick to Launch

Our team is fast, efficient, and driven to get your campaign up and running as quickly as possible.

One client saw a 500% increase in qualified candidates after just one week.

Our Process


Launch Meeting

Reach out today and schedule a free call to talk about the challenges you are currently facing.


Campaign Development

In 2-3 weeks, we’ll define a killer campaign strategy, create attention grabbing assets that inspire action, and take care of all complicated techie stuff.


Launch & Optimize

By week 4, we’ll launch your campaign and optimize it regularly to ensure a steady flow of qualified candidates.

We target audiences in your communities and inspire them to action

With each custom campaign, our team drives the research, design, development, and management.


$5,000 / year

or $500 / month

Reach & Inspire

$1,500 / month (cancel anytime)
$3,000 set up fee (one-time)



$6,000 / month (cancel anytime)
$10,000 set up fee (one-time)


What makes us different?

Our mission is to improve access to quality healthcare in underserved communities.

Health WorkForce New York (HWNY) is a nonprofit health workforce development organization that addresses health workforce challenges and needs in rural and urban underserved areas across New York State.

Our projects aim to give partners the services, tools, and resources necessary to manage and achieve key mission objectives more efficiently, more effectively, and with far less cost.

Our Impact Across NYS

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